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Crochet Item

**Crochet item are also available in different colors. Please click the picture to see**

pouch dot kotak
Pouch Dot Kotak
Pouch Dot + Tassel Red
Pouch Dot + Tassel
Coin Case Rabbit Sakura
Coin Case Rabbit
Coin Case Bear
Coin Case Bear


 introduced by each series

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Tear drop necklace
Tear drop Series
CUBE Necklace
Small & Simple Top Series
Wisteria Necklace
Wisteria Series
Pearl Necklace
Fresh Water Pearl Series
Rose Motif Earrings
Crochet Motif Series

Plain Elastic Bracelet
Elastic Bracelet
Cube Pierce
Stud Pierce Series
Gravel Necklace
Gravel Series
Floral Anklet
Floral + Bintik Series
Gift Package
Jewelry Pouch