kunci story

balinese crochet woman
crochet worker

It was 2003 when we met a group of crochet workers in a small village (in Bali) and we started making our own products with them. It is if the peaceful air of the village and the kindness of the village people were woven into the bags and hats they make in the very relaxing atmosphere of Bali’s countryside. To us Bali is a perfect place for handcrafts. We are always so charmed and feel respectful of the art created only by one bundle of thread and one crochet hook in one-worker’s hands. We are very proud of our products being made by our craft workers with love and care, without help of any machines.                                              

from atelier

Meeting and working with many talented Balinese airtisan has given us such a wide collection of possibilities for beautiful craft works that we produce. As they became capable of crafting various motifs, the idea of making delicate motifs with thin thread used for weaving fabric came to my mind. So we made a large stole with thin linen thread. The result after many hours of deligent work was a delicate, gorgeous and absolutely breath-taking piece of art.

 Meeting with a talented silversmith gave us an idea of making silver   piece   with crochet motifs. The result was a beautiful silver works that   looked as if   silver was crocheted. Thus was born kunci’s jewelry series   that are   designed to add a gentle touch of elegance to your daily   fashion.                  kunci designer,   kayoko

silversmith silverwork